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Genome instability and mutation a hallmark of cancer

Buddhini Samarasinghe | 
Not all cancer cells are equal. They vary, they compete, and the fittest survive to pass on their genes to ...

Some anti-GMO concerns not unique to GMOs, but to unsustainable farming in general

Kevin Bonham | 
(Summary) Kevin Bonham of Scientific American responded to several anti-GMO, pro-labeling arguments in his latest blog post. He addressed concerns over ...
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Is limb regeneration science fiction? Maybe not

Dina Fine Maron | 
Limb regeneration remains the stuff of science fiction for humans, but an accidental discovery suggests people may yet be able ...

Progressive scientist on why Rachel Maddow and other liberals are dead wrong about GMOs

Kevin Bonham | 
Harvard PhD candidate Kevin Bonham, a self-proclaimed liberal/progressive and  Whole Foods and local food shopper, writing in in his Scientific American ...
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Will the public still fear GMOs in 100 years?

Kevin Bonham | 
Innovations like aviation and vaccines have been huge contributions to modern society, despite initial public opposition. The same could be ...
why we science should accept gmo labelings

To build trust, scientists should be fighting for transparency, not against labels

Dan Fagin | 
Fighting labeling laws decreases public trust in genetic engineering, so scientists instead should work towards better transparency and improving public ...
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Using genetics to save the world’s coral reefs from climate change

David Biello | 
Similar to how agriculturalists have helped crops adapt to the changing climate, two marine ecologists are working to save the ...

Talking with kids about genetics

Kevin Bonham | 
Last week, I had the opportunity to talk with a group of students from Grandview Heights School in Edmonton, Canada. The ...

Logical fallacies lead liberals to believe misinformation about GMOs

Kyle Hill | 
Normally a crusader for science and reason, popular liberal talk show host Bill Maher falls short when it comes to ...
Sci Am Breading Bad Darwinian

Are the ethics of Breaking Bad really Darwinian?

Jag Bhalla | 
Darwin's ideas are frequently distorted and used as labels for humans. And TV shows. But evolution isn’t as simple as ...

DNA stories

Christina Agapakis | 
What if personalized medicine never happens? What if the promised therapies tailored to our unique genomes just never materialize? Although ...

Foot cream kills HIV by tricking cells into suicide

A common drug that dermatologists turn to treat nail fungus appears to come with a not-so-tiny side effect: eradicating HIV. In ...
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Language can have significant effects on the perception of GMOs

Layla Eplett | 
Language is a powerful tool for influencing the public's perception of an issue. Words like "Frankenfood" and "genetically modified" have ...

Film review: “GMO OMG” documentary falls short of science

Ferris Jabr | 
Jeremy Seifert’s new documentary “GMO OMG” opens with a series of maudlin pastoral scenes—sun-dappled forests, kids playing outdoors, a close-up ...

Scientific American comes out in favor of GMOs, and I agree

Ashutosh Jogalekar | 
Ashutosh Jogalekar, a chemist and blogger, applauds the editors of Scientific American for taking a stance on the topic of genetically modified ...
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Labeling GM foods, and other “Krafty” stuff

Cami Ryan | 
Beginning with a case in Kraft Mac'N'Cheese, Cami Ryan, a researcher with the University of Saskatchewan, explores the misleading labeling ...
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Protecting farmers, consumers and crops through genetic engineering

Ferris Jabr | 
Crops engineered to produce Bt, a pest-killing toxin, have been shown to decrease the use of noxious chemical insecticides; however ...

George Church: De-extinction is a good idea

George Church | 
In its June issue Scientific American published an essay stating emphatically that reanimating species such as woolly mammoths from surviving DNA is ...
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Hypocrisy in the GM debate: What about untested medical supplements?

Ashutosh Jogalekar | 
Why are so many people afraid of 'unregulated' GMOs when 'organic' grocery stores sell medical supplements that aren't regulated at ...

Is individuality the savior of eugenics?

Nathaniel Comfort | 
Payment of the poor or incarcerated has long been acknowledged as a form of coercion; yet some such women genuinely ...
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Scientific American: Labels for GMO foods are a bad idea

In response to pending GMO-label legislation around the country, Scientific American has denounced the mandatory labeling of GM food ...

Fruit flies aid efforts to develop personalized cancer treatments

Christine Gorman | 
For years clinicians have puzzled over the observation that people with type 2 diabetes are more likely to develop certain ...
jurvetson dna

Unhidden traits: Genomic data privacy debates heat up

Abdul-Kareem Ahmed | 
Is addressing genetic privacy concerns for scientific study participants essential, impossible, or maybe undesirable? ...
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Military blood serum bank advances research, raises privacy concerns

Dina Fine Maron | 
The US Department of Defense's huge blood serum bank is great for scientific research, but not all donors know they're ...

Antidepressants kick in faster with the help of small interfering RNA

Bethany Brookshire | 
In a recent experiment, researchers tested if something called a small interfering RNA, which can restrict the effects of RNA interference ...
scientific american

Jurassic Park and the race for ancient DNA

Andrew Jonathan Balmer | 
In the 1990's rush to find ancient DNA (aDNA) trapped in amber, palaeontologists destroyed priceless fossils ...

Nina Fedoroff: Can we trust Monsanto with our food?

Nina Fedoroff | 
The World Food Prize laureates for 2013 were announced in June. They are Marc van Montagu, Mary-Dell Chilton and Rob ...

NIH begins gene therapy trial for Parkinson’s disease

Dina Fine Maron | 
All eyes were on Perry Cohen when he froze at the microphone. His voice failed him. He couldn’t read his ...