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Could studying rare Parkinson’s mutation help treat other cases?

Emily Willingham | 
A handful of gene mutations are linked to inherited PD, but they account for less than 15 percent of the ...

Game changer for cystic fibrosis? Discovery of new cell could alter quest for treatment

Karen Weintraub | 
The discovery of a new type of cell could fundamentally alter how cystic fibrosis researchers seek a cure for the ...
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Blossoming brains—Why some people suddenly become geniuses or musical savants

Darold Treffert | 
Savant syndrome comes in different forms. In congenital savant syndrome the extraordinary savant ability surfaces in early childhood. In acquired ...
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Infographic: Examining shared genetics of different psychiatric disorders

Mark Fischetti | 
People who have autism, schizophrenia and bipolar disorder may have different challenges, but the ailments might arise from a common ...
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Your genes may make you more vulnerable to flu and other viruses

Claudia Wallis | 
Bad luck. Terrible misfortune. That's what we think when we hear about a perfectly healthy child who suddenly dies of ...
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Can we slow cancer through the power of positive thinking?

Esther Landhuis | 
From savoring a piece of cake to hugging a friend, many of life’s pleasures trigger a similar reaction in the ...
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Is our genome altered by things that happen to us as children?

Robert Martone | 
[A] new study makes a remarkable connection between experience and the genetic diversity of the brain. It suggests that experience can change ...

Viewpoint: ‘Regenerative agriculture’ could reverse soil degradation and save our farmland along the way

David Montgomery | 
New technologies and genetically modified crops are usually invoked as the key to feeding the world’s growing population. But a ...
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Beyond the Golden State Killer: More cold cases cracked through genetic databases

Dina Maron | 
[After news of the Golden State Killer arrest], The New York Times reported arrests in long-dormant cases in Washington State and ...
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Genetic beacon could detect ‘invasive scourge’ of stinkbugs before they ravage crops

Daniel Ackerman | 
If a farmer can grow it, a brown marmorated stinkbug can destroy it. This invasive scourge has ravaged apples, peaches, ...
Types of bipolar disorder

Schizophrenia, depression, biopolar disorder share ‘overlapping’ mutations

Emily Willingham | 
Is lower academic achievement in early life tied to the same gene changes as an increased risk for Alzheimer’s in ...

Can we learn the ‘nature of reality’ from multiple personality disorder?

Bernardo Kastrup | 
[Dissociative identity disorder is], a condition in which the psyche gives rise to multiple, operationally separate centers of consciousness, each ...

Cancer screening could be revolutionized by new cell sorting method

Diana Kwon | 
The field of cytometry, or cell measurement—which helps doctors diagnose problems including cancer, in which cells morph into unusual forms—has ...
harnessing the human genome

How many genes in the human genome? The debate rages on

Cassandra Willyard | 
[In 2000] geneticists were running a sweepstake on how many genes humans have, and wagers ranged from tens of thousands ...
bigstock CT brain

Limiting brain damage in stroke patients by controlling inflammation

Diana Kwon | 
In an ischemic stroke a clot blocks a blood vessel to the brain, depriving oxygen and nutrients to part of ...
robot helping baby

How artificial intelligence could transform the ‘art of medicine’

Pamela Hepp | 
Every patient is unique, and the art of medicine is the component of the practice that addresses such uniqueness with ...
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Viewpoint: Weeds appear to be winning ever-evolving war against herbicide resistant crops

Brooke Borel | 
For farmers, protecting fields from pests and plagues is a constant battle fought on multiple fronts. Many insects have a ...

Could we ‘rewire our brains’ to stop sugar cravings?

Simon Makin | 
Imagine if we could rewire our brains so that tastes we usually crave became unpleasant—or even nullify responses to taste ...
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What does it really mean to be normal?

Daniel Barron | 
We use the term “normal” so casually and so often that it seems utterly…normal. But in a compelling Trends in Cognitive ...
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Is a universal flu vaccine ultimately unattainable?

Diana Fine | 
If all goes according to plan, the annual flu shot protects about 60 percent of vaccinated people. This year’s inoculation, of course, ...
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What caused the 60-million-year insect fossil gap?

Lucas Joel | 
Insects are everywhere—in the air, on the ground, in the ground, and sometimes in your house and food. Yet there ...

How is the gut linked to Parkinson’s disease?

Diana Kwon | 
[P]hysicians have noted that constipation is one of the most common symptoms of Parkinson’s, appearing in around half the individuals diagnosed with ...
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Mind or matter? How consciousness in the universe could be ‘eternal’

John Horgan | 
Which is more fundamental, mind or matter? You would think, in our ultra-materialistic era, that debate would be settled. But ...
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What dog lovers get right and wrong about canine genetics

Julie Hecht | 
Dog lovers talk a big game when it comes to genetics. Who hasn’t heard someone claim to know which breeds ...
Human Evolution Biswarup Ganguly Wikimedia Commons x

Stronger understanding of evolution may counter science denialism

Amanda Montañez | 
Science denialism can seem intractable, and studies on the topic are seldom encouraging. For example, research out of Yale Law ...
Kepler b artist concept

Kepler 452 b: Inhabitable ‘Earth 2.0’ could be statistical mirage, study shows

John Wenz | 
Some astronomers are questioning the existence of what might be the most Earth-like planet yet found outside the solar system, based ...
darren naish

Review: Is evolution ‘God’s Word or Human Reason?’

Darren Naish | 
Is there a contradiction between religion and an evolutionary, Old Earth view of the natural world? While this varies from ...

Faulty wiring? Tracing damaged circuits linked to autism, schizophrenia

Simon Makin | 
Neuroscientists today know a lot about how individual neurons operate but remarkably little about how large numbers of them work ...