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mental health apps

Privacy concerns: Mental health apps may be selling your data to third parties, including Google, Facebook

Peter Hess | 
Apps spell big business in the healthcare industry: Dozens of apps are marketed to people with conditions including depression, anxiety ...
autism spectrum disorder choosing interventions

Blood test for autism? Discovery of ‘distinctive pattern’ in white cells may make it possible

Lauren Schenkman | 
Researchers have identified a distinctive pattern of gene expression in the white blood cells of young autistic boys. The discovery ...

Can CBD treat autism, epilepsy? Growing body of evidence suggests it may be possible

Bahar Gholipour | 
A single dose of cannabidiol, a component of marijuana, eases seizures and improves learning and sociability in mice with mutations ...
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Should we be more careful with our genetic data? ‘People don’t understand what can actually be done with this information’

Emily Anthes | 
People in the United States view certain personal information, such as their social security number and the content of their ...

Baby brain wave patterns may offer early predictor of autism

Nicole Wetsman | 
Brain activity patterns in the first year of life may predict autism in infants at high risk for the condition, ...

Are there subtypes of autism? Language regression study supports controversial hypothesis

Tara Santora | 
Autistic children who lose words reach key milestones earlier than autistic children without language regression, according to a new study ...
autism popup

Genetic registry SPARK scores first victory by pinpointing new autism-linked genes

Nicholette Zeliadt | 
An analysis of genetic sequences from nearly 500 people with autism and their relatives has linked 13 new genes to ...
what is the rapid interactive screening test for autism rita t in toddlers umass

60% of children with autism missed by this widely used screening tool

Lauren Schenkman | 
The most widely used screening tool for autism misses a large proportion of toddlers who are later diagnosed with the ...
body rocking head rolling and head banging

Examining toddlers’ brain waves may offer early diagnosis of autism

Emily Anthes | 
Certain patterns of electrical activity in the brain may signal autism in children with tuberous sclerosis complex (TSC), a related genetic condition ...
erinlittle springharbor

‘Wearable sensors’ could provide early warning system for aggressive autism traits

Nicholette Zeliadt | 
In one corner of the classroom, rocking back and forth, sits Julio, 16. Julio was not always aggressive. He was ...
screen shot at pm

Viewpoint: There’s a problem with autism studies. They rarely use the same set of tools to measure results.

Jyoti Madhusoodanan | 
Clinical trials of autism treatments rarely use a consistent set of tools to measure efficacy, a new study suggests. Instead, ...

Early speech exposure could boost language skills for kids with autism

Alla Katsnelson | 
The more words autistic children hear as infants — and the more verbal interactions they have with their caregivers — ...

‘Grave set of circumstances’: Investigating connection between autism and depression

Cheryl Weinstock | 
[People with autism] are four times more likely than neurotypicals to experience depression over the course of their lives, although ...
new dads x

Experimental ‘preemptive’ therapy fails to improve autism traits in study

Nicholette Zeliadt | 
An experimental behavioral therapy delivered by parents does not improve autism traits in babies who screen positive for the condition, ...

Why are autistic people 50% more likely to die during a hospital stay?

Princess Ojiaku | 
Adults with autism are nearly 50 percent more likely to die in the hospital than their neurotypical peers, according to ...
autism stem cell treatment

Price of progress: Debating the ethics of charging families to participate in stem cell trials for autism

Hannah Furfaro | 
During four visits to Panama over nine months, Aaron [a 9-year-old boy with autism] received infusions of stem cells harvested ...
prenatal exposure to antidepressants antipsychotics not linked to autism risk

‘Genetic factors’ account for 81 percent of autism risk, suggests large multinational study

Hannah Furfaro | 
About 81 percent of autism risk comes from inherited genetic factors, according to an analysis of more than 2 million ...

‘Life-threatening’ unregulated at-home treatments sparked by research linking autism to gut bacteria

Leah Shaffer | 
A growing number are experimenting with specialized diets, probiotics, stool transplants and parasites, trying to game the gut to address ...

Autism-linked mutation may also play role in gastrointestinal problems

Anna Nowogrodzki | 
Mutations in the gene NLGN3, found in some people with autism, alter mice’s gut nervous system, two new studies suggest ...

How the study of ‘affective touch’ could offer a better understanding of autism and its causes

George Musser | 
Strong reactions to touch are remarkably widespread among people who have autism, despite the condition’s famed heterogeneity. “The touch thing ...
5-29-2019 leadc

Why we have to look for early signs of psychosis in people with autism

Eva Velthorst, Jennifer Foss-Feig | 
Most young autistic people do not and will not have psychosis or schizophrenia. As a class, psychotic disorders are relatively rare ...
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Understanding autism’s broad spectrum can ‘save’ family relationships

Lydia Denworth | 
That half of the family is on the spectrum and half not makes the Wiesenthals interesting to Molly Losh, director of ...
4-16-2019 developmentaldelay x acf cropped x acf cropped

Why genetic testing for autism cannot offer definitive answers

Jessica Wright | 
Here’s a primer on how genetic tests work, their value for autism and what to expect from the results. Is ...
4-15-2019 provocative prenatal folic acid supplements linked to lower risk of autism for kids wrbm large

Prenatal sequencing for autism genes could be here soon—along with some ethical questions

Jessica Wright | 
Sequencing can identify mutations linked to autism even before a child’s birth – especially in cases where doctors suspect problems, ...
Screen Shot at PM

Do ‘loopholes’ in organic, non-GMO labeling rules mislead consumers?

Keon Kim | 
The North Dakota State Collegiate Future Farmers of America and NDSU Collegiate Farm Bureau hosted a food information forum to ...
3-28-2019 unnamed file

Low intelligence in autistic children predicts ‘poor life skills and challenging behavior’

Knvul Sheikh | 
Without timely intervention, intellectual disability in autistic children can worsen over time, contributing to poor life skills and challenging behavior, ...
3-26-2019 newssensoryprocessing

Hypersensitivity, hearing problems could lead to early autism diagnosis

Randy Kulesza | 
Many individuals with autism have hearing problems. In fact, Leo Kanner included this trait in his original description of autism. The type ...
3-18-2019 warren zachary

Latest results for once-promising behavioral therapy for autism called ‘extremely disappointing’

Anna Nowogrodski | 
A much-touted behavioral therapy for autism, the Early Start Denver Model (ESDM), may not be as effective as its creators ...
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