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Spillover effect: Could GMO disinformation shake public trust in other scientific innovations?

Stuart Smyth | 
In 2016, the World Economic Forum listed online digital misinformation as one of the leading threats to modern societies. Campaigns ...
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Viewpoint: ‘It’s. Not. The. Cow. Farts.’ Burger King pulls ‘Cows Menu’ climate change ad

Chelsea Sutherland | 
You’ve probably seen Burger King’s latest marketing video featuring Wal-Mart yodeler Mason Ramsey singing about methane emissions from cow farts ...

Science majors less skeptical of GMOs than other undergraduates? Yes, but not by much

Stuart Smyth | 
For the past few years, I’ve been fortunate to supervise a number of students working on their undergraduate thesis in ...

Global access to education is growing. Here’s how GMO crops might be helping

Stuart Smyth | 
One of the consistent benefits of GM crop adoption has been a higher farm and household income. In an assessment ...
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Plant breeders rapidly adopting gene editing to commercialize more high-yielding crops

Stuart Smyth | 
It would be inaccurate to say that plant breeders in Canada are ‘a dime a dozen’. A rough estimate places ...
Viewpoint: How GMO herbicide-tolerant canola accelerated sustainable farming

Viewpoint: How GMO herbicide-tolerant canola accelerated sustainable farming

Stuart Smyth | 
Who would have fathomed how significant a day in March 1995 would become in the history of Canadian agriculture? On ...

GMO herbicide-tolerant canola increased Canadian farm profits $233 million, saved consumers $26 million

Stuart Smyth | 
Many think that the developers of new technologies are the ones who gain virtually all of the benefits, with consumers ...

Viewpoint: ‘Political populism’ dictates Europe’s bureaucratic anti-GMO crop rules

Stuart Smyth | 
As individuals, we’re able to decide whether a single action is acceptable to us, or deemed to be too risky ...
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