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Ethical implications of genetic screening: How far can we go?

Ethical implications of genetic screening: How far can we go?

Tom Chivers | 
Julian Savulescu, a professor of ethics at Oxford, has argued that we should be free to design our children's personality ...

Is IQ in the genes? The PC hypocrisy of intelligence studies.

Michael Hanlon | 
In his new book, the brilliant psychologist James Flynn, of Otago University in New Zealand, has revealed that, for the ...

Science Minister: more focus needed on agricultural research, including GM

Nick Collins | 
Britain must place a renewed focus on agricultural research including GM projects, or risk falling behind other countries like Brazil, ...

Stem cells used to repair damaged eyes in world-first Aussie trial

A medical breakthrough by Australian scientists has shown how sheets of stem cells grown on contact lenses can repair damaged ...

Britain’s Green Party promotes anti-science zealotry

Tom Chivers | 
This is one of those agonised posts. I actually like the Green Party. My dad used to be, and may ...

Professor argues that people will starve to death because of anti-GM zealotry

Malcolm Elliot | 
In 1968 Paul Ehrlich wrote in his book The Population Bomb that “mass starvation” due to “burgeoning population growth” was ...
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