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dna anorexia e

Social stigma of anorexia distracts from exploring genetic causes

Jeremy Laurance | Independent | 
Social pressure to be as slender as a catwalk model, as sylph-like as a Hollywood star, is said to be ...

Britain to scrutinize U.S. follow-up on individuals conceived through ‘three-parent’ IVF

Steve Connor | Independent | 
A private fertility clinic in the United States has launched an investigation into the health of 17 teenagers who were ...

Vandana Shiva is no Ghandi, does the impoverished no favors

Peter Popham | Independent | 
There have been several Indian pretenders to the Mahatma Gandhi legacy in the 66 years since his assassination, but only ...

H1N1 flu controversially engineered to escape immune system

Steve Connor | Independent | 
A controversial scientist who carried out provocative research on making influenza viruses more infectious has completed his most dangerous experiment ...

Editorial: Anti-GM lobby holds back science advances in biotech

Independent | 
Work is afoot by British researchers to tackle malaria by genetically modifying mosquitoes so the population of the parasite’s insect ...

CRISPR gene editing commercialization divides former colleagues

Steve Connor | Independent | 
The money men have moved in on a new technique for editing the human genome that promises to revolutionise the ...

What are the fixes if the world’s banana crops succumb to disease?

Cahal Milmo | Independent | 
TR4 is the natural born killer of the banana world, capable of wiping out entire plantations within two to three ...

DNA tests show Elvis Presley prone to obesity and heart disease

Ian Johnston | Independent | 
Elvis Presley may have died because of genetic conditions that made him prone to obesity and heart disease - rather ...

Independent UK editorial: Environmental movement credibility hinges on embracing GMOs

Independent | 
Contrary to the scaremongering of the anti-GM lobby, genetic engineering is less science-run-mad than a much-needed means to better health ...

British biotech company focuses on creating cellular factories

James Bevan | Independent | 
Imagine bacteria that eats pollution in water or can recycle gold from electronics -- the scope of synthetic biology is ...
black death ala

Ancient bacterial DNA suggest black death might not be gone for good

Steve Connor | Independent | 
DNA analysis of the bacteria strains behind two black plague pandemics emerged, independently, from the black rat. That means another ...

GM crops could help to solve the problem of over-fishing

Independent | 
One of the thornier questions we face is how to feed a global population heading towards 10 billion and beyond ...

Italian woman with genetic disease condemns death threats received after defending animal experiments

Tomas Jivanda | Independent | 
An Italian woman suffering from a rare genetic illness has spoken out against the death wishes she was sent after ...

Genetics of forgetting a face

Steve Connor | Independent | 
One in three people have inherited a genetic variation that impairs their ability to remember faces, according to a study ...
Rheobatrachus silus

Project that resurrected extinct frog one of 2013’s “best inventions”

Heather Saul | Independent | 
Time magazine named the Lazarus project--a project that created an embryo of an extinct frog species from non-living genetic material--one ...

Early Americans linked to Europe by DNA discovery

Steve Connor | Independent | 
DNA extracted from the arm bone of a child who died in southern Siberia about 24,000 years ago has shed ...

21st century will be the age of precision genetics

Independent | 
Until now, it has only been possible to “edit” a living genome using dangerously blunt methods; modified viruses are sure ...

Scientists find genetic basis for slow metabolism, obesity

Steve Connor | Independent | 
For the first time, scientists have identified a genetic mutation associated with two major contributors to obesity: increased appetite and ...

Kissing assesses the genetic quality of a potential sexual partner

Steve Connor | Independent | 
Kissing is a way for people to assess the genetic quality of a potential sexual partner and is especially important ...

Scientist who mapped human genome says we will be able to ‘print’ alien life from Mars

James Vincent | Independent | 
Scientists will soon be able to design and print simple organisms using biological 3D printers says J. Craig Venter, the ...
brain ind

Brain sleep, not beauty sleep? Switching off regrows cells

Adam Withnall | Independent | 
A study shows that sleeping activates a gene which allows certain types of brain cells to be replenished ...

Study says mothers pass on ‘aging gene’

Steve Connor | Independent | 
Mothers play a crucial role in determining how quickly their children grow old by passing on genetic mutations that speed ...

“Fossil viruses” in the human genome

Ravinder Kanda | Independent | 
Less than 2 per cent of our genome is actually coding. The rest of the genome is a veritable graveyard ...

UK: Public fears over ‘Frankenstein food’ may be easing, poll finds

Andrew Grice | Independent | 
More people support rather than oppose the growing of genetically modified crops and more of them are prepared to buy ...

UK: Ordinary laboratory animals are outnumbered by GM counterparts for first time

Steve Connor | Independent | 
The following is an edited excerpt. The number of genetically modified (GM) animals used in scientific research in Britain has ...

Britain moves toward “three-parent” IVF babies

Steve Connor | Independent | 
Three-parent IVF could head off inherited mitochondrial disease in babies in Britain ...

UK: Police told to explain use of unregulated DNA database

Brian Brady | Independent | 
The following is an edited excerpt. UK police and intelligence services have been sending terror suspects’ DNA to counterparts around ...

If GM crops are bad, show us the evidence

Steve Connor | Independent | 
The following is an edited excerpt. It is nearly 20 years since the first GM crops were grown. Some 28 ...
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