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Following Golden Rice approval, Philippines poised to implement rules to accommodate GMO animals, CRISPR crops

Perfecto Corpuz | 
The Philippines continues to be a regional biotechnology leader. Golden Rice (GR2E) field tests were harvested in October 2019 and ...
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Nanosensor detects trace amounts of chemicals, helping farmers cut pesticide, fertilizer use

Good things come in small packages. Sadly, so do bad things. That’s where Iowa State University’s (ISU) Department of Mechanical ...
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USDA: Purple corn could help battle obesity, diabetes

Korryn Shaw | 
Purple corn is more than tasty and eye-catching. Scientists at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign have discovered a game-changing ...
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Cardboard-tasting tomatoes? 5,000 newly identified genes may lead to more flavorful fruit

Almost everyone agrees that most store-bought tomatoes don't have much flavor. Now, scientists from the Agricultural Research Service (ARS) and ...