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Infographic: USDA data reveal dramatic growth of GMO crop adoption in US since 1996

Herbicide-tolerant (HT) crops, which tolerate potent herbicides (such as glyphosate, glufosinate, and dicamba), provide farmers with a broad variety of ...
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USDA: Dry weather, neonicotinoid insecticide ban caused ‘substantial decrease’ in EU rapeseed production

Rapeseed is the dominant oilseed produced in the EU making the EU one of the world’s leadingproducers of rapeseed and ...
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Attacking single gene in deadly parasite could protect honeybees from untreatable infection

Kim Kaplan | 
Agricultural Research Service (ARS) scientists have taken the first step towards a weapon against the major honey bee parasite Nosema ...

Bees with access to diverse flowering plants are healthier pollinators, USDA study shows

Sue Kendall | 
Everyone wants healthy, thriving honey bee colonies. One-third of the food we eat requires pollinators, and commercial beekeepers transport honey ...
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Drought-tolerant corn adoption jumps 20% in four years as US farmers strive to protect crop yields

Droughts have been among the most significant causes of crop yield reductions and losses for centuries....To date, little has been ...

How dirt could be the key to penicillin’s fight against antibiotic resistance

Jan Suszkiw | 
The next time you stroll outside after the rain, thank the soil bacteria below for the sweet, earthy smell that ...

USDA: New US-Mexico trade agreement supports crop biotechnology previously blocked by Mexico

U.S. Secretary of Agriculture Sonny Perdue ... issued the following statement regarding the announcement on trade between the United States ...
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Relationship between genes and obesity could be altered by what we eat

Sharon Durham | 
A correlation between obesity and genetics has been found to be modified by diet, according to a scientific paper in ...
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Scientists recruit wheat microbes to halt devastating plant fungal disease

Briana Whitaker | 
Fusarium head blight is a devastating fungal disease affecting wheat and barley crops worldwide. According to the American Phytopathological Society, ...
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USDA’s GAIN report: China to grow its own GE crops by 2020

Gene Kim | 
Editor's Note: The following is an excerpt from the US Department of Agriculture's Global Agricultural Information Network (GAIN) annual report ...
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USDA will not regulate Scotts’ and Monsanto’s glyphosate-resistant GMO grass

APHIS [Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service] received a petition from the Scotts Company of Marysville, OH, and Monsanto Company ...
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GMO alfalfa has higher yields than conventional, according to USDA survey

...[R]elatively little has been known about the adoption of genetically engineered alfalfa, canola and sugar beets, crops that add substantial ...

USDA will now allow organic meat, poultry producers to add ‘non-GMO’ claims to labels

Organic meat and poultry producers can now use a streamlined process to get approval for labels verifying that their products ...
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GMO corn with insect resistance, herbicide tolerance shows increased use, higher yields

Genetically engineered (GE) seeds are widely used in U.S. field crop production. . . . Seeds that have both herbicide-tolerant and ...

Facing feed shortage, Brazil moves to allow import of GMO corn from U.S.

A lower than anticipated domestic corn supply is forcing prices up, putting pressure on the pork and poultry sectors, and forcing ...