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When it comes to medicine, how we define slippery concepts like race, gender and age matters

The foundation of medical research, which is considered the gold standard, is the Randomized Controlled Trial when individuals are matched ...
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Who is most vulnerable by age and race to die from COVID-19?

While coronavirus is obviously concerning and a very real threat to some people (namely, the elderly and immunocompromised), these data ...
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Infographic: There’s no such thing as ‘too young’ to be hospitalized by coronavirus

Getting infected by COVID-19 isn’t just a worry for the elderly. That’s one of the first findings about the virus in the ...
a dna clock to measure development in young children

How old is that child? ‘Epigenetic clocks’ could help fight child labor, trafficking and improve age records on immigrant children

Epigenetic clocks are a new type of biological test currently capturing the attention of the scientific community, private companies and ...
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People with more active brains have shorter lifespans, study suggests

There are many factors that influence how long somebody lives. Some, like their genes, are out of their control. Others, ...
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Are we reaching the limits of human life expectancy?

With life expectancies steadily rising in most countries, high quality care is essential for aging populations ...
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Are men angrier than women? Or do they just show it more?

Science is beginning to provide new explanations about the ways that personality, age, gender and life experiences shape the way ...
unprotected sex

Attracted to men and women? Our sexual orientation can undergo ‘extensive’ changes as we age, and more so in women, study says

The vocabulary we currently use to describe sexual orientation is hopelessly inadequate, with labels like 'gay', 'straight' and 'bi' falling ...
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