Podcast: Unreliable COVID tests; Amazon's creepy Halo health band; Celebrate pesticides?

Podcast: Unreliable COVID tests; Amazon’s creepy Halo health band; Celebrate pesticides?

How do COVID-19 tests work, and are their results reliable? Recent media reports have raised some concerning questions. Amazon's Halo ...
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Has ‘Big Tech’ replaced ‘Big Ag’ as America’s favorite corporate villain?

For years, large agricultural companies and farmers have felt the sting of public opinion. Seed and crop protection companies have ...
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Ancient farmers helped build the Amazon’s rich biodiversity, archaeologists find

Farmers helped build the Amazon's rich biodiversity by maintaining soil health with sustainable growing practices, an international team of scientists ...
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‘Automation is in a tailspin’: How the pandemic has disrupted AI’s ability to understand us

When covid-19 hit, we started buying things we’d never bought before. The shift was sudden: the mainstays of Amazon’s top ...
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Soybean designed to grow on exhausted pasture land could help protect Amazon rainforest

The agrichemical giant Syngenta wants to go green by developing specific varieties of soybeans to be grown away from the ...

‘Abstinence vs. innovation’: What Amazon fires can teach us about GMO, CRISPR-edited crops

The Amazon rainforest fire debate is another edition of “abstinence vs. innovation” (here’s the aviation edition). Global agro-consumption and demand for ...
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Viewpoint: Brazilian farmers destroy the Amazon? Here’s what Greenpeace isn’t telling you

In 2016, the Brazilian model Gisele Bündchen flew over the Amazon forest with the head of Greenpeace Brazil as part ...
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Domestication ‘reboot’: CRISPR gene editing turns wild plants into desirable fruits and vegetables

Early in the 20th century, a strange tomato plant took root in the northeastern United States. Because of a random ...
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