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Ancient Italian cemeteries tell tales of barbarian migration

We know very little of [Longobards] or any of the other barbarian tribes that roared through Western Europe other than ...

Privacy pledge: Consumer genetic-testing firms agree to new rules

Ancestry, 23andMe and other popular companies that offer genetic testing pledged on Tuesday [July 31] to be upfront when they ...
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DNA test limits: Current direct-to-consumer tests provide only a glimpse into our ancestry

In a recent story that made headlines, a woman’s DNA test showed she was a descendant of a lost tribe ...
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Genes identified that extend life

Is the secret to extending human life span written in our genes? Clues from other organisms suggest it might be ...
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Who’s your (ancestral) daddy? Family tree genetics might link everyone to King David

Companies claiming to pinpoint your ancestral village of origin or relationship with famous historical figures are likely telling you the ...
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