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CRISPR immunizes chickens against deadly virus, potentially boosting global egg and meat production

CRISPR genome editing has been used to make chickens resistant to a common virus. The approach could boost egg and ...
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EPA proposal to roll back animal testing and ‘cut unnecessary research’ gains backing from PETA

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) says it plans to reduce the use of pesticide testing on birds as part of ...

Podcast: Bridging the gap between farmers and consumers on GMOs, sustainable agriculture

Agronomist and entrepreneur Robert Saik has a lifetime of experience in farming. For years, he has been a leading advocate ...
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Farmer’s open letter to skeptical consumers: We know science, glyphosate and GMOs are safe, and we need both to fight climate change

 Despite repeated assurances from the mainstream science community that our food supply is safe, many consumers remain highly skeptical of ...
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Chickens don’t want to be ‘free range,’ they prefer being indoors, Australian government veterinarians says

Do chickens really like being free-range? It seems like a dumb question. Who wouldn't like a big green paddock full ...
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From prosthetic limbs to lab-grown meat, technology can drastically improve animal welfare

While it's easy to think about all the ways technology has benefited humans, major technological advances have improved the lives ...
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‘Factory farming’ poisons our food and harms animals?

Veterinarian Dr. Leah Dorman takes on popular myths about animal agriculture ...
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With lab-grown meat coming to our plates, will we be eating animals in 50 years?

Climate change has altered the debate over the ethics of meat consumption, adding a new dimension that certainly changes the ...
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