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Farmer vs farmer: After tens of thousands of acres of crop damage, what are we to make of the ‘dicamba debacle’?

For dicamba, even more than most ag issues in recent history, the devil is in the details ...
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Arkansas must reconsider Monsanto lawsuit challenging dicamba herbicide rules, state Supreme Court says

A lawsuit by Monsanto against the state’s restrictions on the use of dicamba raised valid points and should be reconsidered, ...
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Arkansas bans dicamba herbicide use until fall following more than 1,000 crop damage complaints

As of May 26, farmers in Arkansas can no longer rely on dicamba to kill their weeds. The Arkansas Plant ...
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Viewpoint: Marketing restrictions on lab-grown meat, cauliflower rice reveal growing ‘tension’ between food producers and consumers

The [Arkansas] state legislature on March 20 passed a measure banning food companies from marketing “cauliflower rice” as “rice.” The ...
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