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How should trans athletes qualify for women’s sports?

In 2004, the nationally ranked long-distance runner [Joanna Harper] started hormone therapy (HT) as part of her transition to female ...
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Sports leagues set to resume without knowing COVID-19’s erratic path, randomness and chronic effects

Professional athletes don’t have the luxury of waiting for the outcomes of longitudinal studies of coronavirus patients. Sports are trying ...
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Biological passports? How anti-doping organizations catch cheating athletes

As athletes experiment with drugs that can help give them an edge over their competition, they tweak their strategies to ...

Gut microbes may offer performance boost for elite athletes

One difference between elite athletes and the rest of us might be in what hangs out in their guts. Microbes ...

‘Gene doping’ could be the future of athletics. But is that a bad thing?

[A] technique could theoretically be used to add muscle bulk to athletes, a concept called gene doping. Doctors could, theoretically, inject cells ...
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Why setting testosterone levels for female athletes risks setting ‘far reaching’ ‘unscientific precedent’

New rules to reduce naturally high testosterone levels in female athletes have been branded "unscientific". [In 2018], athletics chiefs ruled ...
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How long can top athletes maintain that ‘elite’ status?

Think of the veteran baseball slugger who is good at guessing what type of pitch is coming. Or the aging ...
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Big chill: Extreme exposure from cryotherapy probably doesn’t enhance athletic performance

Cryotherapy is quite the rage among pro-athletes as a means to improve performance and stave off injury. Lebron James reportedly ...
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