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Federal court upholds dicamba weedkiller ban, opening door to possible Supreme Court challenge

On [August 17], three dicamba registrants lost one of their last remaining legal options to overturn a federal court's mandate ...
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Dicamba herbicide makers ask court to reverse weedkiller ban, citing ‘disastrous’ impact on farmers

BASF and Corteva Agriscience have filed motions to intervene in the June 3 decision made by the U.S. Court of ...
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New GMO crops are coming, but why do just four companies develop so many of them?

In November, Science magazine .... described how corn breeding researchers were able to activate a gene that regulated corn growth ...
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$265 million dicamba weed killer verdict paves way for more successful lawsuits against Monsanto, BASF

A $265 million verdict .... against two global agribusiness giants [in late February] has now created another legal headache for ...
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Natural pest-control market could hit $10 billion by 2025, as farmers seek new tools to battle pesticide-tolerant bugs

For decades, Adam Baldwin’s family used chemicals with multisyllabic names to keep caterpillars such as earworms and podworms from chomping ...
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