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Why SARS disappeared in 2003 while the coronavirus keeps on spreading

The unusual cases of pneumonia began to appear in midwinter, in China. The cause, researchers would later learn, was a ...
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Using ‘genomic breadcrumbs’ to track the coronavirus—and predict how to cope with it

Rapid sequencing of viral genomes can help public health officials figure out the origins, spread and nature of quickly moving ...
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Exercise Rx: Physical activity is ‘personal regenerative medicine’ and ‘acts like pharmaceutical drugs’

As researchers learn more about how exercise fights chronic ills like heart disease and diabetes, doctors may soon be able ...
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How our bodies protect cancer and why this could be key to better chemotherapy treatments

Tumors resist chemotherapy with help from a surprising source: nearby normal cells. Researchers are developing workarounds ...
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Long-term partnership or quickie hookup: Can evolution explain why a woman chooses one over the other?

For women, a short-term fling may involve a quest for good genes or just a good time. It’s a puzzle ...
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