Will India approve more GMO crops? ‘Ideological’ regulators could halt progress

The apex regulator of genetically-modified (GM) crops has permitted a Jalna, Maharashtra-based seed company to do confined bio-safety trials on ...

How insect resistant Bt eggplant has made Bangladesh a global ‘role model’: A photo essay

Brinjal — also known as eggplant, aubergine and talong — is a very popular and important vegetable in South Asia ...
Bangladeshi Bt Brinjal trial fails

Video: 30% bigger crop yields; 60% less pesticide use—The massive impact of GMO Bt insect-resistant eggplant in Bangladesh

Since entering the market in 2014, Bt brinjal [eggplant] has helped smallholder farmers in Bangladesh achieve higher yields, a 60 ...
Market Bangladesh with brinjal eggplant

GMO eggplant developed by Bangladesh government cuts toxicity of pesticides used 41%, farmers increase revenues 27%, study finds

"Bt brinjal can improve the livelihoods of smallholder farmers in a developing country while protecting the environment.” ...

Podcast: Bt eggplant in Bangladesh—the GMO crop that boosted farmer profits 6-fold

Subsistence farmers in Bangladesh make a living by growing, harvesting and selling brinjal, or the fruit westerners know as eggplant ...

Viewpoint: India’s GMO Bt eggplant ban drives farmers to buy black market biotech seeds

Bt brinjal [is] being illegally cultivated in the country—the National Bureau of Plant Genetic Resources has just confirmed this for ...

Video: How Bt insect-resistant eggplant helped farmers in Bangladesh beat back an invasive pest

A new study confirms that genetically modified, pest-resistant Bt eggplant (brinjal) has helped smallholder farmers in Bangladesh greatly reduce their ...
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Bangladesh’s embrace of GMO technology may embolden innovation in developing countries  

Bangladesh's successful application of biotechnology and development of its own GM crops could serve as a model for other developing ...
Three Types of Eggplant

Talking Biotech: GMO Bt eggplant helps poor Bangladesh farmers cut insecticide use

Cornell's Dr. Tony Shelton on how GMO Bt eggplant helps poor Bangladesh farmers cut insecticide use ...
Why Whole Foods and Chipotle's anti-GMO campaigning has lost my business

Why Whole Foods and Chipotle’s anti-GMO campaigning has lost my business

I’ve become an accidental activist on behalf of GMOs, in part because of misleading fear based marketing campaigns by food ...
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