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COVID-19 pandemic may boost public acceptance of Ghana’s GM cowpea

The COVID-19 pandemic is increasing public interest in local food production, which may boost consumer acceptance of the insect-resistant genetically ...
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GM insect-resistant Bt cowpea could add $638 million to Nigeria’s economy over 6 years

The Open Forum on Agricultural Biotechnology (OFAB), a biotechnology informative platform, says Nigeria could rake in 638 million dollars in ...

With approval to plant GMO insect-resistant Bt cowpea, Nigerian farmer says her nation can lead Africa’s biotech ‘revolution’

I haven’t wanted to plant cowpea here in Nigeria because the plant suffers from one of the worst enemies imaginable: ...
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Nigeria commercializes its first GMO food crop

Nigeria has reached a major food security milestone with the commercial release of insect-resistant cowpea — its first genetically modified ...
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Viewpoint: Anti-GMO forces in Nigeria have abandoned reason and the nation’s best interests

Protecting health and and food security is best done through dialogue and education, not threats and smear campaigns ...
cowpea market iita

Podcast: GMO insect-resistant cowpea helps Africa combat destructive pests without chemicals

Cowpea is a critical crop in Western Africa. It is consumed by millions of people daily and provides important nitrogen ...

Working to build trust in the insect-resistant BT cowpea, Nigeria’s first genetically modified food crop

A crop created through technology faces intense opposition in Nigeria ...
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