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Viewpoint: ‘It’s. Not. The. Cow. Farts.’ Burger King pulls ‘Cows Menu’ climate change ad

You’ve probably seen Burger King’s latest marketing video featuring Wal-Mart yodeler Mason Ramsey singing about methane emissions from cow farts ...
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Meat alternatives are ‘mass-produced, processed imitations’—but could they save the planet?

Meat alternatives are mass-produced, processed imitations: “fake” foods. To borrow one of Michael Pollan’s rules for eating wisely, your “great-great-great ...

Video: Burger King’s lemon-grass fed eco-Whopper not backed by evidence, animal scientist says

On [July 14], Burger King launched promotions for its new “eco-friendly” Whopper, burgers made from cattle that have been fed ...
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Burger King plans expansion of plant-based meat options following booming sales of GMO Impossible Burger

Burger King has been a pioneer among fast-food chains when it comes to offering plant-based meat alternatives. In August, it ...
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Burger King sued for cooking plant-based Impossible Burger on grill used to fry beef

Burger King was sued on [Nov. 18] by a vegan customer who accused the fast-food chain of contaminating its meatless ...
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Viewpoint: GMO Impossible Whopper can help save the planet—and lots of cows

[In September] I stepped inside a Burger King for the first time in three years. I wanted to try out ...
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Restaurants struggling to keep up with demand for Impossible Burger, alternative ‘meats’

There is no better illustration of the pent-up demand for alternatives to meat ...

Viewpoint: ‘Impossible Whopper’ success proves consumers want sustainable food and biotech stigma is overblown. How will meat producers respond?

“It will never be more than niche.” That’s what a cattleman friend of mine recently said about meat alternatives. I’m ...
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The ‘magic mix’ of ingredients responsible for the Impossible Burger’s taste and texture

The actual science behind the Impossible Burger is fascinating ...
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Impossible Foods ramps up supply as Burger King plans nationwide GMO plant-based Whopper launch

Plant-based burger maker Impossible Foods on [July 31] announced a partnership with major meat supplier OSI Group, a longtime producer ...
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With Burger King plant-based whopper available nationwide, meatless meat ‘here to stay’

Gone are the days when vegan meat was derided as tasteless — a sacrifice vegetarians made in service of a ...
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Podcast: Burger King’s ‘Impossible’ Whopper—’breakout moment’ for plant-based meat?

The Whopper is an icon of American culture. But the Whopper is getting a complete overhaul — and when we ...
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Alternative protein market gets competitive as startup Beyond Meat preps for IPO

Wall Street is going vegan. At some point in the next four weeks, Beyond Meat, a pioneering plant-based meat alternative ...
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‘Impossible Whopper’: Burger King plans roll out of plant-based GMO burger

Burger King has a plan to bring in new customers and encourage existing ones to buy more often: Vegetarian Whoppers ...
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