Viewpoint: Coffee cancer warning illustrates failure of California’s Prop 65 law

On August 29, the FDA threw its hat into California’s eternal does-or-doesn’t-coffee-cause-cancer fight. “Requiring a cancer warning on coffee, based ...
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Alternate facts: Why are we still telling women that abortion causes breast cancer?

On June 26th, the Supreme Court ruled in favor of crisis pregnancy centers that were challenging a California law, the Reproductive ...
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Viewpoint: California’s looming coffee cancer warning shows how judges and lawyers can subvert science

A judge in California is going to determine whether or not coffee causes cancer. Think about that. We live in ...
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Viewpoint: California activists ‘gamed system’ to get glyphosate herbicide labeled as carcinogen

Environmental activists found the perfect targets to help them defame the popular herbicide glyphosate — widely-accepted as safe — in ...
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Water: California drought yet water bottles everywhere

Humanity's future depends on how we manage our interactions with water. This takes the form of how we package it, ...
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