Have any of Earth's creatures stopped evolving?

Have any of Earth’s creatures stopped evolving?

Some of the planet's more bizarre creatures have prompted some observers to suggest that evolution, on occasion, is stopped in ...
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Viewpoint: Darwin’s ‘Descent of Man’ is both deeply disturbing and more relevant than ever

Charles Darwin’s Descent of Man is full of unexpected delights — such as the trio of hard drinking, chain-smoking koalas ...
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Podcast: Francis Galton: Brilliant scientist—and eugenics pioneer. How do we address his racist legacy?

Geneticist Dr Kat Arney explores how Francis Galton's eugenic ideas led directly to some of the 20th century's worst atrocities ...
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Have humans reached the end of evolution? Not under these 3 scenarios

Is natural selection still a major force in human evolution? Or have vaccines, water purification, modern medical care and other ...
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Podcast: Celebrating Charles Darwin’s 210th birthday

[February 12 was] Darwin Day. Charles Darwin was born 210 years ago … . Ten years ago I went to a ...
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