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Viewpoint: Protecting NFL players’ brains demands ‘unbiased researchers with good intentions’

As a spectator, it’s easy to forget the long term consequences of 300 pound humans crashing into each other at over 20 ...
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Gene therapy offers hope for untreatable CTE brain disorder

[Researchers from Weill Cornell Medical College] published a new study (“Anti-Phospho-Tau Gene Therapy for Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy”) in Human Gene Therapy that ...
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‘On the precipice of memory loss’: Pursuing better diagnostic tools for patients with CTE and other neurodegenerative disorders

New imaging analyses hint at progressive brain disorders like CTE, offering people with memory issues difficult — but transformative — ...
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Concussion risk: How much weight should genetics carry

As we attempt to establish risk factors for concussions and similar traumas, how much weight should we give genetics? ...
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