Natural pesticide claimed as replacement for antibiotics as treatment for citrus greening disease decimating US citrus industry

The new treatment effectively kills the bacterium causing the disease with a naturally occurring molecule found in wild citrus relatives ...
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Precision (plant) medicine: Biotech drug delivery system fights diseases pesticides can’t control

A new method developed by engineers at MIT may offer a starting point for delivering life-saving treatments to plants ravaged ...

Can a novel ‘genetic’ pesticide knock out citrus greening disease before it devastates US orange groves?

[Citrus greening] disease has already decimated citrus groves in the other major citrus-producing states of Florida, California and Texas. According ...
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Plagued by citrus greening disease, US citrus production down more than 50% since mid-1990s

The United States remains one of the world’s top citrus-producing nations, trailing only Brazil and China in annual production. However, ...

Citrus Greening bacteria finally grown in the lab—key ‘first step’ to saving Florida’s orange industry

Washington State University researchers have for the first time grown the bacteria in a laboratory that causes Citrus Greening Disease, ...
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How a genetically altered virus could save Florida’s decimated orange industry from citrus greening disease

In the early 1970s there was a ubiquitous television ad promoting Florida orange juice including the line, "a day without orange juice ...

As orange growers battle citrus greening disease with antibiotics, should we fear ‘super bugs’?

A pernicious disease is eating away at Roy Petteway’s orange trees. The bacterial infection, transmitted by a tiny winged insect ...
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Podcast: Could a benign virus save Florida’s devastated orange industry from citrus greening disease?

Huanglongbing, or HLB, is the Chinese term for the Yellow Dragon Disease–usually referred to as citrus greening.  The disease first ...

California towns fear arrival of citrus greening disease now threatening Florida’s orange industry

It may be only a matter of time until a deadly and incurable citrus disease sweeps through Ventura County’s agricultural ...
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Plan to battle citrus greening disease in Florida with antibiotics sparks backlash from activists, some scientists

In the next month or so, orange trees across Florida will erupt in white blossoms, signalling the start of another ...
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