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From dinosaur to bird: How did the transformation take place?

[I]n Bavaria, the Jurassic-aged limestone deposits yielded a near-perfect fossil of Archaeopteryx. It had blade-like serrated teeth and many other features ...

Here’s why we now believe Neanderthals were able to create fire

New research shows that Neanderthals were able to start fires using stone tools. The findings, published in the journal Scientific Reports, present ...
republican senator nothing to fear medical marijuana

Medical marijuana and pain control: Study casts doubt on drug’s effectiveness

Depending on who you listen to, medical cannabis is either a rising star in the world of therapeutics or an ...
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Psychedelic drug therapy could provide a ‘radical new answer’ to depression, PTSD, anxiety

For years now a band of dedicated scientists has been quietly building a case to redeem the reputation of MDMA ...

Life could have originated from ancient uranium-powered ‘nuclear geyser’

Life may not have originated in the primordial soup of an ancient pond, according to scientists, but rather in a ...
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Synthetic biology and viewing life not as ‘a mystery but as a machine’

Imagine a future where synthetic jellyfish roam waterways looking for toxins to destroy, where eco-friendly plastics and fuels are harvested from ...
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Without solar superstorms, Earth could have been an uninhabitable gaseous ‘mini-Neptune’

Gigantic solar storms may have helped strip unwanted gases from the Earth’s atmosphere, while helping to seed its surface with ...
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What fossilized teeth tell us about human evolution

Examining the fossil record through the lens of evolutionary developmental biology may help scientists reassess the evolutionary history of humans ...
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If Neanderthals mated with early modern humans, why does their genome show no evidence of human DNA?

Gene flow between Neanderthals and early modern humans may have been a one-way street, researchers have found. While the presence ...

Extraterrestrial life may have different chemistry, but evolutionary forces will be Earth-like

If the forces of natural selection have shaped the development of life on Earth, there's no reason to believe those ...
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