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Robot exoskeletons: Medical applications far ahead of military use

Otherwise non-ambulatory people are learning to use robot exoskeletons to get up from their wheelchairs. Military applications portrayed in science ...
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Sci-Fi suspended animation: Not the same as cryonics but might save your life

Surgical research into hypothermia, long fodder for sci-fi movies, may yet reach the point of finding ways to preserve people ...

A rabbi and an alien walk into a bar: What happens when religious leaders meet extraterrestrials?

The search for extraterrestrial intelligence (SETI) presents a challenge for the major religions, who might find themselves threatened if alien ...
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Do you think you have NCGS–gluten sensitivity? Proceed with caution in age of mail order genetic tests

We're in the 23andMe age. People take various genetic tests, but, they're often interpreting vague and out of clinical context ...
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Chimera alert? Myths and facts of human-non-human animal hybrids in medicine

Science is making leaps and bounds creating part human and part non-human animal tissues and organs. The applications are medical, ...
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Mitochondrial medicine: Pushing the limits of resuscitation

Mitochondria are the power plants of the cell. Along with understanding the role of mitochondria in causing damage to the ...

‘My genes made me do it: An excuse for infidelity that your spouse shouldn’t believe

Media have a tendency to hype studies that link individual genes to behavioral effects. Recent news surrounding connections between the ...
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Tampering with nature is how humans can avoid extinction

Technology causes problems and yes we've been irresponsible to the very environment that keeps us alive. But it can also ...
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