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It’s been a year since the CRISPR baby controversy. Why are we still without global gene-editing rules?

Around this time last November, Chinese scientist He Jiankui stunned the world when he revealed the birth of the first ...
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Deafness edited out of human eggs by Russian researcher. No plans for gene-edited babies—yet

Russian biologist Denis Rebrikov has started editing the GJB2 gene, associated with deafness, in human eggs donated by women who ...
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‘Temporary hurdle’: Russia halts scientist’s effort to create more CRISPR babies

Russian health officials are playing down international concerns that a Moscow researcher plans to create gene-edited babies any time soon, ...
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Viewpoint: The key to ethical human germline editing is ‘slow science’

The hubris of some scientists knows no bounds. Less than a year after He Jiankui, a Chinese biophysicist, drew scorn ...

Will the future of CRISPR babies be decided by Russian president Vladimir Putin?

The future of genetically modified babies may lie in the hands of Russian president Vladimir Putin, Bloomberg reported over the weekend ...

Like it or not, the ‘Pandora’s box’ of gene-edited babies has been opened

Denis Rebrikov is the head of a genome-editing laboratory at the Kulakov National Medical Research Center for Obstetrics, Russia’s largest ...
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Why we can’t do anything about a Russian scientist’s plans to create more CRISPR babies

Two influential leaders in science for the first time publicly condemned a Russian biologist who said he plans to produce ...

Another CRISPR controversy brews as Russian scientist announces plans to produce gene-edited babies

A Russian scientist says he is planning to produce gene-edited babies, an act that would make him only the second ...
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