Piecing together ‘jigsaw puzzle’ of Dead Sea Scroll fragments with the help of DNA sequencing

Ever since the Dead Sea Scrolls were discovered, scholars have tried to piece together the fragments as though they were ...

Why the UK wants to share everything it knows about the genetics of 500,000 Britons

Britain is profiling the genes, health and lifestyles of its citizens and handing the results to scientists across the world ...
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Can you buy a synthetic version of the deadly 1918 influenza? There’s no law against it—and that has security experts worried

In the past few years, something new has become possible in biology: cheaply “printing” DNA for insertion into a cell ...
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DNA sequencing uncovers genes that could yield bigger, sweeter, crispier watermelon

Scientists from Beijing Academy of Agricultural and Forestry Sciences took a comprehensive look at the genomes of 414 watermelons representing ...
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DNA sequencing clinics catering to curious wealthy clients

Seizing on the surging popularity of at-home DNA testing kits, top academic medical institutions are opening clinics that promise to ...
Eating Nuts Adds up to Longer Life x

DNA sequencing reveals complicated evolution of peanuts, staple crop grown on 64 million acres worldwide

According to the USDA, farmers around the world grow 44.9 million metric tons of peanuts on more than 64 million ...
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New DNA sequencing technique offers ‘unprecedented’ look at molecular changes in GMO plants

Genetically modified organisms (GMOs) are one of the most contentious topics in science today. But a study from the Salk Institute, ...
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