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Consumers may pay more for lab-grown meat once told about its perceived benefits

Oliver Morrison | 
A study at Maastricht University claims people are prepared to pay more for lab-grown meat after being told of its ...

Bugpocalypse? New research challenges widely publicized claims of impending catastrophic insect declines

Gergana Daskalova, Maria Dornelas | 
Drastic declines in insect biomass, abundance, and diversity reported in the literature have raised concerns among scientists and the public ...
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Puff piece: Lab-made ‘Incredible Cotton’ may grow 10 times faster and cut environmental impact of the traditional crop

Jeff Kart | 
You might call this a puff piece, because it’s about cotton that’s just as fluffy but more sustainable than the ...
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Can we meet global food demand using conventional, intensive agriculture without sacrificing the environment?

The expansion of farmlands to meet the growing food demand of the world’s ever expanding population places a heavy burden ...
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Cellular agriculture could replace some of the 270 million dairy cows needed to produce milk

Anna MacDonald, Fengru Lin | 
Worldwide demand for milk is continually increasing in response to a range of factors, including global population growth and changing ...
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With consumers still fearful of synthetic chemicals, biotech firms spend billions on biopesticide development

Robert Arnason | 
Major players like Bayer and start-up companies are spending billions to identify fungi, bacteria and organic compounds in plants that ...

‘Unforgiving math’: Why intensive agriculture is needed to fight climate change and feed 10 billion people

Ted Nordhaus | 
There is an unforgiving math at the interface of agriculture and the environment ...

Viewpoint: Regenerative agriculture—An oversold sustainability solution to climate change?

Alex Smith, Dan Rejto | 
Over the past six months, major food companies, like General Mills, Danone North America, Kellogg, and others, have launched efforts ...
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Can we immunize our food supply the same way we combat deadly diseases with vaccines?

Tautvydas Shuipys | 
In 16th century China, physicians found that inoculating healthy individuals with pus or dried scabs from someone infected with smallpox, ...
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Existing research may downplay environmental benefits of organic farming, new study claims

The environmental effects of agriculture and food are hotly debated. But the most widely used method of analysis often tends ...
nitrogen superjumbo

Ancient plant genes could increase food production without added fertilizer use, mitigating deadly algal blooms

Some 500 million years ago -- when our continents were connected in a single land mass and most life existed ...
red meat causes cancer

Greenpeace proposes law to cut EU meat consumption 80% by 2050, to just three burgers per week

Aline Robert | 
The world’s leading medical journal, The Lancet, recommends that in 2050, people should be consuming a maximum of 300 grams ...
screenshot beyond meat now makes plant based breakfast sausage and i got to try it

Plant-based breakfast sausage is here. Beyond Meat scientists explain how it’s made

Caroline Roberts | 
The Beyond Breakfast Sausage will be on grocery store shelves towards the end of March at ACME, Albertsons, Vons, Whole ...
vegnews daringfoodspack

Plant-based meat industry start-up Daring targeting chicken-free ‘chicken’, the world’s favorite protein

Talib Visram | 
Daring is an imitation chicken, which replicates the taste and texture of the familiar fowl, and which is targeted specifically ...

Viewpoint: How New Zealand’s biotech ‘science deniers’ hinder effort to fight climate change with GMO ryegrass

Colin Parker | 
Methane abatement efforts are important. Let's get the reporting right ...
Cassava USAID

Viewpoint: We can sustainably feed 10 billion people. Here’s how CRISPR and GMO crops can help

Rupesh Paudyal | 
If adopted widely, genetic engineering will bring us closer to meeting the EAT-Lancet dietary targets ...
screenshot impossible foods

Expert answers to 11 questions about Beyond Burgers, Impossible Whoppers and other plant-based meats

Bruce Friedrich, Smita Mishra | 
Bruce Friedrich is cofounder and executive director of The Good Food Institute (GFI), an international non-profit organization that .... is ...
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Climate change could increase productive farmland more than 30%—and boost carbon emissions 177 gigatons

Future farming in regions that were previously unsuitable for agriculture could significantly impact biodiversity, water resources, and greenhouse gas emissions ...
Urban Produce Indoor Vertical Garden

Vertical farms, lab-grown meat: The sustainable future of food, or ‘wishful thinking’?

Alana Semuels | 
Farmers have grown food in roughly the same way for thousands of years .... Now, entrepreneurs say they have a ...
Screen Shot at PM

Viewpoint: GMO crops should become a bigger part of the food system if we want a sustainable society

Eshna Gogia | 
If we all work towards understanding science rather than being afraid of it, we can build a world where we ...
xenobots pnas smithsonian youtube

‘Living, self-healing xenobots’ made from frog stem cells could lead to new drug delivery system

Katherine Wu | 
They’re perfect strangers: biological entities that, up until this point, had no business being together. And yet, [microbiologist Michael] Levin ...
Monsanto Roundup pesticide ap img

Losing glyphosate herbicides would be ‘major blow’ to sustainable farming, weed scientist argues

Barb Glen | 
Glyphosate, the herbicide that has revolutionized weed control since its introduction in 1974, faces steadily increasing restrictions and in some ...
impossible burger vs beyond burger

Impossible Burger, Beyond Burger earn endorsement from anti-GMO Center for Biological Diversity

The Center for Biological Diversity supports Beyond and Impossible burgers and other food innovations urgently needed to accelerate the shift ...
Field of oilseed rape with bees e

Viewpoint: How a small group of scientists and pliable media created a ‘catastrophe narrative’ that hurts bees and farmers

Henry Miller | 
The scientists who glommed onto the “bee-pocalypse” narrative never bothered to go back and correct the record ...
inpost forweb

Viewpoint: Generation Z to environmentalists: If you care about sustainability, embrace GMOs and gene edited crops

Chris Barnard | 
It is important that this new generation follow the facts, not just rigid environmental orthodoxy ...
produce png x

Eat your veggies! California testing confirms organic and conventional produce well below EPA pesticide limits

Steve Savage | 
Once again, evidence that our food supply is safe and incredibly diverse ...
ece f d c c a a af ff ab large

Viewpoint: ‘There are no long-term GMO safety studies,’ and 9 other biotech myths debunked

Can salt be a GMO? Is it true that no long-term studies have been done on GMOs? There are many ...
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