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Viewpoint: From biofuels to food flavorings, here’s 10 ways biotechnology boosts sustainability

Clara Fernández | 
As climate change looms over our future, many industries are turning to biology for solutions to make all aspects of ...
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Infographic: Eliminating synthetic fertilizer won’t solve agriculture’s nitrogen pollution problem

Alyssa Codamon, Dan Rejto | 
The proposed solution is worse than the problem it hopes to solve ...
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Soot in the womb: Research suggests air pollution threatens developing babies

Aimee Cunningham | 
Breathing in polluted air may send soot far beyond a pregnant woman’s lungs, all the way to the womb surrounding ...
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Viewpoint: GMO, CRISPR-edited crops can cut pesticide use—if environmental activists do not block them

Cameron English | 
Anti-GMO activists should take a step back and look closely at some of the benefits that new genetically modified crops ...
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Does air pollution contribute to poor attention, memory problems for kids?

Jackie Rocheleau | 
Over the past decade or so, in both animals and humans, in the lab and in the real world, scientists ...

Viewpoint: Why GMOs? 1950s farming technology cannot feed the world in 2050

Up and down the aisles of the grocery store, there are an overwhelming number of packages that are labeled with ...
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Probiotics may help humans stay healthy. Could they benefit other animals, too?

Hannah Thomasy | 
Researchers eye microbes as a tool for fighting disease epidemics in bats, frogs, corals and more ...
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‘Homo gluttonous’: Could the history of our meat-eating, over-consuming species threaten the planet?

Louise Fabiani | 
During our hunter-gatherer past, which constitutes 99 per cent of our history as a species, ... omnivorous tastes served us ...
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Lab-grown protein could make up 35% of meat consumption by 2040 amid growing concerns about animal agriculture

Memphis Meats, based in Emeryville, California, is one of a growing number of startups worldwide that are making cell-based or ...
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Land use for meat production slashed by 140 million hectares since 2000. Intensive agriculture could keep the decline going

Dan Blaustein-Rejto | 
Pastureland is by far the single largest human land use on the planet. Globally, we use twice as much land ...

Plant extinction occurring up to 500 times faster than naturally expected, study claims

Helen Briggs | 
Almost 600 plant species have been lost from the wild in the last 250 years, according to a comprehensive study ...
grilled duck mephis meats

Steep prices push lab-grown meat makers to pitch products as ‘humane luxuries’

Mischa Frankl-Duval | 
[M]akers of cultured meat, such as Memphis Meats, New Age Meats and Aleph Farms, face several barriers to bringing their ...
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What colored blobs in the brain can tell us about environmental decision making

Tori Espensen | 
The fast-growing field of neuroeconomics is shedding new light on how we make choices related to protecting the environment ...
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Food revolution: Will lab-grown meat, milk and eggs take over grocery stores?

Clara Fernández | 
It’s been 6 years since scientists grew the world’s first beef burger made without the cow in the lab. As ...
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Making the case for early human migration into rain forests

Lorraine Boissoneault | 
In the past, researchers believed humans were almost exclusively adapted to savanna environments. Previous hypotheses suggested Homo sapiens ... spread ...
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‘Insectageddon’? Biologists say we need better data before warning of impending insect extinction

Chris Thomas | 
As members of that subset of the human population who love insects, we have been alarmed by a recent publication ...
grilled duck mephis meats

US lawmakers spar over future of lab-grown, plant-based foods

Towering over a wooden podium in the Arkansas General Assembly....Republican representative David Hillman, a self-declared calf-roper, spoke of steak to ...

Viewpoint: Agroecology is a ‘dead end’ for African farmers trying to achieve food security

Nassib Mugwanya | 
For the past 50 years, Daisy Namusoke has grown crops on her small plot of land in the Buikwe District ...
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RNA-based pesticides are coming, but how will they affect the ecosystem?

Brandie Wustl | 
New research shows how a new kind of genetically engineered pesticide moves through and degrades in the soil. This new generation ...
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Meet the Israeli start-ups aiming to make earth-friendly steak in the laboratory

Ilan Ben Zion | 
Several Israeli start-ups have joined a handful of companies around the globe trying to develop lab-grown meat, something they see ...
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Claims of ‘insect armageddon’ based on ‘patchy, unrepresentative and piecemeal’ data, entomologists say

Ed Young | 
In 1828, a teenager named Charles Darwin opened a letter to his cousin with “I am dying by inches, from not having ...

Roundup on trial: Second glyphosate-cancer lawsuit heads to federal court

Tina Bellon | 
Bayer AG is set to face a second U.S. jury over allegations that its popular glyphosate-based weed killer Roundup causes ...
vertical farming

Video: Tomorrow’s crops could be grown indoors, without soil or pesticides

Ed Vega | 
As the world's population grows and climate change accelerates, farmers are increasingly turning to biotechnology, engineering and data science to ...
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Viewpoint: Here’s why we don’t have to worry about a world without insects

Robert Walker | 
Recent headlines about the coming collapse of the insect world are another case of extrapolation from inadequate data ...

Modern farming isn’t driving insect declines, agricultural industry says

Abi Kay | 
A new piece of research, carried out by Francisco Sánchez-Bayo and Kris Wyckhuys, reviewed 73 historical reports of insect declines from ...
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