GMO climate change

‘Smart plants’? Newly discovered genetic ‘messaging system’ could get us there

Erik Rolfsen | 
University of British Columbia researchers have discovered an internal messaging system that plants use to manage the growth and division ...

All-veggie ‘Impossible burger’ targeted by PETA’s cancer claims

Alex Berezow | 
Imagine sinking your teeth into a nice, juicy hamburger. Then, imagine being told that the hamburger isn't made from beef ...

Video: Ancient corn variety that makes its own nitrogen could lead to more sustainable farming

Jason Daley | 
In the 1980s, Howard-Yana Shapiro, now chief agricultural officer at Mars, Incorporated, was looking for new kinds of corn. He ...
pesticide free zone e

Viewpoint: Eliminating pesticides from farming isn’t realistic—or desirable

Terry Daynard | 
In about 1980, I visited several International Maize and Wheat Improvement Center (CIMMYT) research sites in Mexico. The trip included ...
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Viewpoint: A field trip inside Green anti-GMO campaigning

Inti Orozco | 
A few months ago, I went to [an] event called European Ideas Lab, organized in Brussels by the Greens/EFA, the green ...
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CRISPR: How gene editing could provide clean water, cut pesticide use and protect the environment

Jenna Gallegos | 
CRISPR has been making headlines for its potential to treat or prevent diseases. But medicine isn’t the only science where ...
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‘Environmental progress without organic’: Rachel Carson’s testy relationship with the organic food and farming movement

Robert Paarlberg | 
Rachel Carson, who launched the modern environmental movement with her 1962 book “Silent Spring,” was a highly private person. But ...

The future of meat: Can science replace animals?

Nazimi Açıkgöz | 
All economic activities related to research, development, production, trade and consumption of plants, animals and all other living things are ...

Managed well, cattle feedlots can be the environmental and ethical smart choice

Emma Brush, Linus Blomqvist | 
Although grass-fed is touted as the environmentally and ethically best choice for beef eaters, feedlots often outperform on both fronts ...
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Biodiversity is more than just beauty: ‘It is the very apparatus that holds us steady’

Elizabeth Boakes | 
Biodiversity is integral to life, but is more than just a huge number of species: It also represents the variations ...

Banning glyphosate: France may replace well-tested herbicide with pelargonic and other more toxic ‘natural’ chemicals

Josh Bloom | 
Activists say glyphosate can be replaced with natural herbicides—but "natural" doesn't necessarily mean that they're safer or better for the ...
Global glyphosate herbicide ban would cause substantial damage to economy and environment, study shows

Global glyphosate herbicide ban would cause substantial damage to economy and environment, study shows

Graham Brookes | 
A new study finds that a ban on glyphosate would cause billions of dollars in economic losses and increase the ...
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Are sperm counts declining? What’s the role of ‘endocrine disruptors’?

Geoffrey Kabat | 
The science community is divided over whether reports of declining sperm counts in men is actually occurring. One explanation--exposure to ...
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Podcast: Global ag biotech snapshot: Is GMO adoption on the decline?

Graham Brookes, Kevin Folta | 
UK researcher Graham Brooke on the rising economic and regulatory costs of crop biortechnology--Is it worth it? ...
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15 years after debuting GMO crops, Colombia’s switch has benefited farmers and environment

Daniel Norero | 
GM crops saved water, reduced greenhouse gas emissions and provided farmers and the rest of Colombia with a variety of ...
sustainable agriculture

Sustainability myth: Stanford misleads students about organic farming’s reduced environmental impact

Henry Miller | 
The promotion of 'sustainable' organic farming at one of the nation's top universities shows just how pervasive myths about conventional ...
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