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Is natural sleep the only kind that counts? Or can we make that artificial, too?

Around the world, people spend billions on sleep. Everyone is looking for a good night's rest. But, amidst all of ...
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Why Americans respond to drug placebos more than any other nationality

Remarkably the placebo effect--a fake treatment in which a person taking an inactive substance like sugar, water or saline solution ...
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Obesity is in our head and in our genes

The sources of obesity look more biological, and less psychological, which opens new avenues toward addressing the crisis. Finding answers ...
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Is there a genetic switch that causes ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease)?

We don't know the causes of ALS in most patients, but about 10 percent of cases are thought to be ...

Epigenetic ‘eraser’ can reset behavior, disease vulnerability and life experiences

Many epigenetic changes that occur in humans in genetic response to the environment are erased within the embryo. Certain diseases, ...
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Lifestyle changes can’t alter DNA: Claiming it can is a public disservice

Lifestyle changes have profound effects on human health, more so than most blockbuster drugs. But despite their potency, supplements, exercise ...
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