screenshot food science professor’s ‘instant ice cream’ gains patent cornell chronicle

Dessert on demand: Pressurized carbon dioxide turns flavored liquid into ‘instant ice cream’

One moment, you have a bowl of creamy chocolate liquid. Then, in an instant, it’s ice cream. Forget hocus-pocus: This ...
unnamed file

‘Cognitive technologies’: Automated supply chains could alleviate pandemic-fueled food shortages

As the coronavirus crisis takes a massive toll on global markets, officials are increasingly raising alarms about the food supply ...
save the planet

Viewpoint: Coronavirus pandemic accelerates progress toward tech-driven, sustainable food system

COVID-19 presents our food system with unprecedented challenges that we must learn from. We must also remember that COVID-19 is ...
Monsanto Supreme Court Seed Dispute

Farmers running ‘unprecedented race’ to secure fertilizer, seeds and pesticides amid coronavirus outbreak

North America’s biggest farm suppliers are accelerating shipments of fertilizer, seeds and agricultural chemicals to crop-growing regions in an unprecedented ...
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‘My cows don’t know about coronavirus’: Why America will have all the food it needs

My cows don’t know about coronavirus. They’re still giving milk on the schedule that they always follow. They love their ...
unnamed file

Europe fears empty grocery stores amid coronavirus outbreak, but food companies say there’s plenty to go around

Naked supermarket shelves and masked shoppers hoarding pasta have become the iconic images of the coronavirus crisis so far. But ...

Eliminating food waste requires behavioral changes, but GMOs can help too

Economists show solving the food waste problem is more than a matter of avoiding the trash bin ...

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