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No evidence GMO chestnut trees harm humans, animals or the environment, developers tell USDA

Researchers at the State University of New York College of Environmental Science and Forestry (ESF) have developed Darling 58 American ...

GMO aspen trees could provide sustainable source of biofuel, study shows

Hybrid aspen, a crossing between European and American aspen, is one of Sweden’s most productive tree species which grows better ...
screenshot iceland is growing new forests for the first time in years

Video: Iceland breeds heat-tolerant trees to restore native forests amid climate change

The landscape of Iceland has changed a lot in a thousand years. When the Vikings first arrived in the ninth ...
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Forest biotech scientists lobby against GMO tree ban to promote sustainable forestry

A group of leading forest biotechnology scientists from around the world call for the reassessment of all sustainable forestry certification ...
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Disease-resistant GMO chestnut trees could birth ‘new agroforestry industry’

Many Americans know the sad tale of how the American chestnut tree was driven almost to extinction in the 20th ...

Opposition to biotech threatens health of forests, experts say

A coalition of forest scientists, including Steve Strauss of Oregon State University, is calling for an immediate review of international ...

Talking Biotech: Oregon State’s Steve Strauss reviving forests using GM tech

Oregon State’s Steve Strauss reviving forests using GM technology ...
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