usda guts organic standards

Fraud investigation reveals 3-continent-wide organic fruit trading ‘scam’

In January 2017, Chilean customs inspectors acted on a tip from a whistleblower: The country's prized crop of raspberries was ...
usda guts organic standards

USDA proposes measures to crack down on fraud in organic farming

The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Agricultural Marketing Service (AMS) proposes amending the USDA organic regulations to strengthen oversight ...

South Dakota grain dealer charged in alleged $71 million ‘fake’ organic sales scheme

A $71 million fraud case in South Dakota is the latest blow to the organic supply chain. Federal prosecutors in ...
Haeckel, Anthropogenie 1874

Podcast: One of the most infamous fakes in biology? How Ernst Haeckel’s disputed embryo images sows confusion about evolution

Kat Arney takes a closer look at some of the most controversial images in science - Ernst Haeckel's illustrations of ...
Screen Shot at AM x

Meet the farmer who sold more than $140 million in ‘fake’ organic products over a decade

Like all the best con artists, Randy Constant was a charmer, hard not to like. Big hearted. Good listener. You’d ...
usda fraud

Fifth farmer sentenced in $142 million fraudulent organic grain scheme, largest in US history

A Missouri farmer who played a role in the largest organic grain fraud scheme in U.S. history has been sentenced ...
usda organic food label e

Farmers face sentencing in seven-year organic food fraud scheme

Four Midwestern farmers who cheated organic food customers are scheduled to be sentenced for the largest fraud scheme of its ...
aadaf f c bc df af dba jeseegenetictestingscam

Scammers set sights on booming genetic testing market

The cost of genetic testing for disease assessment can be as high as $10,000. With that kind of money in ...
Warning Pesticides

Fraud or drift? USDA finds 43 percent of organic foods contain ‘prohibited’ substances

Pesticides have been found in nearly half of organic fields. Is this a case of accidental drift, or fraud? ...
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