fruit flies refuse to lay their eggs in lion poop

Fruit fly protein could boost anti-aging treatment

Impressive results in animals that have had their lifespans boosted by up to 40 percent have started making their way into humans. … ...
google d map fruit fly brain

We’ve mapped a fly brain down ‘to the very last neuron’. That’s a big deal for human brain research

[A]s director of Janelia Research Campus, part of the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, [Gerry Rubin has] spent the last 12 ...
pmcover e

DNA, fruit flies and the quest to treat cancer with precision medicine

"Cancer therapy is becoming customized to each patient." ...
c drosophila fruit flies in a test tube spl x

Your own fruit fly ‘avatars’ could boost precision medicine treatments

Personalized cancer medicine involves looking at an individual’s genome and cancer growth to help find more effective ways of screening ...
kent mountain adventure center

Is the spirit of adventure encoded in our genes?

There’s one particular behavioral question that unites many animal species: “Should I explore the wider environment or exploit my current environment?” … ...
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