Viewpoint: We don’t need another study to convince us that gene-edited babies are a bad idea

He [Jiankui] attempted to disable a gene called CCR5 by producing a variant that has been shown to confer resistance ...

Congress renews ban on editing human embryos, despite calls from scientists touting research benefits

A House committee on Tuesday [June 4] restored to pending legislation a ban on altering the genomes of human embryos ...
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Viewpoint: No, we don’t need a moratorium on germline gene editing

Should researchers put the brakes on genetically engineering babies? Leading scientists and ethicists recently called for a moratorium on clinical applications of germline ...
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Viewpoint: Human germline editing offers ‘bright future’ if done carefully

We are at the point where our technology will soon surpass our humanity. It used to be that what we ...

Time to amend human embryo research ’14-day rule’?

The rule that cuts off research on human embryos at 14 days gestation is based on an arbitrary time limit ...
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How will we use gene editing to treat human disease?

Technology for safe effective germline editing is not ready yet, but once it is, these are some of things we ...
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