2016 Presidential Race: Clinton, Trump, Stein and Johnson on Vaccines and Bio-Pharmaceuticals

David Warmflash | 
Professional medical organizations could not be stronger in support of childhood immunizations, including mandatory vaccinations of school children. Only Clinton ...

2016 Presidential Race: Clinton, Trump, Stein and Johnson on Biomedical Research

David Warmflash | 
GLP continues its series on the presidential candidate's positions on genetics and biotechnology. Today we assess Trump, Clinton, Johnson, and ...
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2016 Presidential Race: Clinton, Trump, Stein, and Johnson on Food, Farming and GMOs

David Warmflash | 
Here is a GMO policy primer, lining up not just Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, but also Libertarian Party candidate ...
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Hillary Clinton: Evolutionary “grandma hypothesis” meets the grandma candidate

Meredith Knight | 
Grandmothers played an important role in the evolution of human social relationships and as generational knowledge sinks. Now women of ...
Bernie Sanders

Why it matters that Sanders aligns with conservatives on funding stem cell and cloning research

David Warmflash | 
Bernie Sanders has consistently aligned with social conservatives on human cloning and stem cell research. What could this mean for ...
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Can Bernie Sanders act like a progressive on GMOs, overcome tribal allegiances, embrace science?

David Warmflash | 
The desire to eat organic and the opposition to genetic modification technology in agriculture can be primal and precautionary to ...
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