Good news for a coronavirus vaccine: Human immune system offers robust response, study shows

Information about immunity to SARS-CoV-2, both in the context of COVID-19 disease pathogenesis and in the context of how to ...
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Are vaccines immunity ‘silver bullets’ to protect us against COVID-19? It depends on how quickly the coronavirus mutates.

Recent studies on COVID-19 mutation rates have revealed promising data that has given scientists across the globe a boost in ...
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If you survive the coronavirus, do you gain immunity? And for how long?

Scientists don’t yet have definitive answers about SARS-CoV-2 immunity. For now, people who have had the disease appear unlikely to ...
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Cases of COVID-19 reinfection reported. Does that shatter immunity hopes?

Troubling headlines have been cropping up across Asia: Some patients in China, Japan and South Korea who were diagnosed with ...

How do you ‘boost’ your body’s immune function in the fight against the coronavirus? Answer: You can’t

The short answer to the question – how do you boost your immune system – is that you can’t. The ...
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Boosting the body’s innate cancer immunity

The focus on immunotherapy puts us at risk for forgetting that the principal role of the immune system is tumor ...
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