Beyond Meat launches plant-based pork in bid to outcompete Impossible Foods in China

Beyond Meat launches plant-based pork in bid to outcompete Impossible Foods in China

The California-based company unveiled its latest product on [Nov 18]: meatless minced "pork." The new product is intended to mimic ...
GM Impossible Burger hits 200 grocery stories in Asia, as effort to 'replace' meat moves forward

GM Impossible Burger hits 200 grocery stories in Asia, as effort to ‘replace’ meat moves forward

[Impossible Foods'] flagship imitation beef product went on sale in 200 supermarkets across Hong Kong and Singapore on Tuesday. Impossible's ...
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Plant-based burgers….now milk? Impossible Foods aims to make realistic dairy alternative without cows

.... Impossible Foods, makers of the Impossible Burger and other plant-based meat alternatives, are working on another food replacement that ...
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Viewpoint: Plant-based meats promote veganism in ways animal rights activists never could

Author and animal-rights activist Jonathan Safran Foer [author of the book Eating Animals] recently argued in a New York Times ...
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Impossible Foods rolls out plant-based GMO burger to 1,700 new stores as COVID-19 strains meat supplies

As more meat plants temporarily close or operate at reduced capacity as coronavirus spreads, plant-based brands “have a window of ...
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Plant-based food tops $5 billion in retail sales as consumer demand for ‘sustainable’ products booms

New data released by The Good Food Institute (GFI) and the Plant Based Foods Association shows U.S. retail sales of ...
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Cargill preps for April launch of plant-based burger to compete with Impossible Foods, Beyond Meat

Cargill Inc will launch plant-based hamburger patties and ground “fake meat” products in April, the company said on [Feb. 24], ...
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Video: Impossible Foods hits back at Super Bowl ad alleging plant-based beef contains laxative

The Center for Consumer Freedom ran a Super Bowl commercial alleging that plant-based meat alternatives are not as healthy as ...

Impossible Foods applies for approval to sell GMO plant-based burgers in New Zealand

The American food technology company Impossible Foods has applied to the food safety regulator for approval of its genetically engineered ...
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10 things you should know about Impossible Foods’ new GMO plant-based ‘pork’

Here comes the other faux white meat. Impossible Foods, the brand behind [2018's] Impossible Burger 2.0 craze, captivated the attention ...
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US grocery stores roll out private label plant-based beef to compete with Beyond Meat, Impossible Foods

Cashing in on rising demand for imitation meat, major retailers including Kroger and Walmart recently began to carry Beyond Meat’s ...
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Plant-based ‘Impossible Sausage’ set to debut

Impossible Foods just announced a new product: pork. And thanks to the new fake pork, there’s also sausage. It’s not ...
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Viewpoint: Beef industry campaign against calling plant-based burgers ‘meat’ assaults consumer choice

Ranchers and their political allies want to brand plant-based foods like the Impossible Burger as inferior imitations, but consumers shouldn’t ...
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‘Impossible Whopper’: Burger King plans roll out of plant-based GMO burger

Burger King has a plan to bring in new customers and encourage existing ones to buy more often: Vegetarian Whoppers ...
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