Indigenous people remained in southeastern US for nearly 150 years, study shows

While [expeditions by Spanish explorers] unquestionably resulted in the deaths of countless Indigenous people and the relocation of remaining tribes, ...

Why it’s so challenging to determine ‘how and when’ humans first set foot in the Americas

A deluge of new findings are challenging long-held scientific narratives of how humans came to North and South America ...
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Genetic solutions depends largely on data from people of European descent. Do we need to address that research imbalance?

To boost the participation of marginalized communities in genetic studies, doctors must first win back their trust ...
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Pushing for greater diversity in genetic databases by ending ‘cycle of disengagement’

For the past 30 years, human genomics has made exciting advances in reconstructing population history and identifying which genes make ...
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Tracing the birth of new languages—as older tongues fade away

Anthropologists and linguists are working to understand how complex systems of communication emerge—and what they reveal about how to keep ...
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