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Asymptomatic COVID-19 infections can still cause lung damage

Modern medicine rightly emphasises the importance of science. The focus, however, too often displaces our attention from the real point ...
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‘Partnership with sunlight’: Why staying inside all the time makes us vulnerable to infections

For the past two months, a sizable chunk of the world’s population has been shuttered inside their homes, only stepping ...
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Viewpoint: New antibiotics won’t save us from drug-resistant bacterial infections

Of course, there is an ongoing search for new safe and effective antibiotics, but agents are very difficult to find ...

New diagnostic weapon: Genetic tests can also detect infectious disease

Doctors routinely use genetic tests to spot inherited diseases and guide cancer treatment. But using them to detect infectious diseases ...
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Are we fighting diseases wrong? Researcher suggests a better approach is building tolerance to infection

[Researcher Janelle] Ayres was running the experiment to determine what causes genetically identical mice to respond differently to the same ...
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How a genetically-engineered phage therapy defeated a drug-resistant infection, raising hopes for chronically ill patients

After a difficult lung transplant, 17-year-old cystic fibrosis patient was successfully treated with experimental bacterial phage therapy ...
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