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Challenges containing massive inflammation that often accompanies COVID-19

Tom Avril | 
[Brett] Breslow was suffering from a massive bout of inflammation — a catch-all description for the damage in many of ...

Can science reverse physical aging? It can—in mice

Even though the average life-expectancy for humans continues to rise, living longer is often associated with age-related health issues. Now, ...
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Cells that fight pathogens might also speed up human ‘inflammaging’

Mitch Leslie | 
Our T cells let us down as we age, becoming weaker pathogen fighters. This decline helps explain why elderly people ...

Destroying inflammatory ‘zombie’ cells could slow age-related disease

Katarina Zimmer | 
For decades, scientists had ignored senescent cells—which are trapped in a long-term state of cell cycle arrest—dismissing them as artifacts ...
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Chronic inflammation a silent threat that can ‘damage DNA and lead to heart disease, cancer’

Marlene Cimons | 
Chronic inflammation begins without an apparent cause — and doesn’t stop. The immune system becomes activated, but the inflammatory response ...
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‘Strange’ twist for viral version of Parkinson’s: It may take decades for disease symptoms to appear

Marnie Willman | 
In recent years, a mysterious surge of a Parkinson’s-like disorder spread around the world, causing an estimated 10-15% of the ten million worldwide ...

Psychedelics have ‘extraordinarily potent’ anti-inflammatory power. Is there a place for them in mainstream medicine?

Shlomi Raz | 
Research on psychedelics, which have been profoundly stigmatized, highly restricted, and tragically undeveloped for more than half a century, is ...
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Feel foggy when sick? Mental sluggishness linked to inflammation

Researchers at the University of Birmingham’s Centre for Human Brain Health in collaboration with the University of Amsterdam say they ...
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Taming immune system after stroke could reduce risk of brain damage

Bret Stetka | 
The pathology of a stroke is deceptively complicated. In the simplest sense, strokes occur when the blood supply to a ...
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New drug approved for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, as mystery disease causes come into focus

Ben Locwin | 
Viruses and our human genes tend to co-mingle and cause structural and functional changes--is that what's causing Chronic Fatigue Syndrome? ...
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Link between inflammation and cancer

Ben Locwin | 
People with chronic inflammatory conditions may be more susceptible to DNA-induced cell mutations which could contribute to getting cancer ...
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