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CRISPR pioneer Jennifer Doudna turns lab into coronavirus test center

Matthew Herper | 
A team of academic and industry researchers led by Jennifer Doudna, the researcher best known for her role in the ...
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CRISPR pioneer Jennifer Doudna on why we need human gene-editing regulations

Daniel Markus, Jennifer Doudna | 
In this episode of Reset, host Arielle Duhaime-Ross talks with Jennifer Doudna about the promise and peril in CRISPR’s future, what’s ...
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CRISPR pioneer Jennifer Doudna opposes germline-editing moratorium: ‘We’re going to have to figure it out’

Hannah Kuchler | 
Jennifer Doudna wears her responsibility lightly. The scientist who co-discovered Crispr does not appear to be weighed down by the ...
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Gene-editing pioneer Jennifer Doudna calls for greater accountability on anniversary of China scientist CRISPR gene editing human embryo

Jennifer Doudna | 
There are key moments in the history of every disruptive technology that can make or break its public perception and ...
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Video: Talking CRISPR challenges with Jennifer Doudna

Steve Mirsky | 
Jennifer Doudna, winner of the 2018 Kavli Prize in Nanoscience, talks to Scientific American about what it’s like to work in perhaps the ...
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Why CRISPR patents matter to a world worried about designer babies, rogue scientists and curing disease

In the midst of widespread disapproval of creating “designer babies,” fear of rogue scientists editing the genome of future generations, ...
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US patent office reopens Broad Institute—University of California CRISPR patent dispute

Sharon Begley | 
The U.S. patent office has declared an interference between a dozen key patents awarded to the Broad Institute on the ...

Another CRISPR controversy brews as Russian scientist announces plans to produce gene-edited babies

David Cyranoski | 
A Russian scientist says he is planning to produce gene-edited babies, an act that would make him only the second ...
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Meet the new generation of young biotech entrepreneurs

Ellie Kincaid, Michela Tindera | 
Crispr had no obvious relevance to human health when it was first described in 1987, but [Jennifer] Doudna, who won ...
5-7-2019 crisor

Searching for a CRISPR antidote in case gene editing is used as a weapon

Antonio Regalado | 
[W]hat’s to stop a madman, terrorist, or state from employing CRISPR to cause harm?... In her book A Crack in Creation, ...
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Video: CRISPR pioneer Jennifer Doudna explains Cas-9 gene editing

Jennifer Doudna, Jess Gormley | 
Prof Jennifer Doudna, one the pioneers of Crispr-Cas9 gene editing, explains how this revolutionary discovery enables precise changes to our ...
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