Pesticide evolution: Can natural chemicals help battle insects, weeds and disease without harming the planet?

A new collaboration between the two R&D pioneers aims to accelerate the discovery of breakthrough crop protection technologies. If you ...
potatoes in space greenhouse

If we want to go to Mars, we’ll need to figure out how to feed our astronauts. Synthetic biology can help.

Revolutionary food production and closed-loop biomanufacturing could transform human space travel and address the growing food crisis on Earth ...
brain world

Can synthetic biology help deliver an AI brain as smart as the real thing?

To create artificial general intelligence, we need to study the brain ...

Genetically modified mosquitoes are a small price to pay for malaria eradication

Will opponents of gene engineering deny prevention to suffering families? ...
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‘Drink like there is tomorrow’: Inside the quest to prevent hangovers with a GMO probiotic

Engineered probiotics and other microbes provide amazing opportunities ...
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