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Podcast: NatGeo promotes pesticide fears; How weed affects your brain; Real-life Jurassic Park?

Despite its long history as a reputable science magazine, National Geographic has recently embraced simplistic narratives about the environmental impact ...
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Viewpoint: GMO mosquitoes illustrate how and why science should confront ‘nature’s mindless dangers’

Wisconsin’s ubiquitous mosquitoes, it turns out, aren’t taking social distancing to heart at all. Sitting on the deck, browsing the ...
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Real life Jurassic Park? Recovered prehistoric DNA raises prospect of resurrecting species

Even before Jurassic Park became a staple of pop culture in the early 1990s, geneticists have been on the hunt ...

Less lizard, more bird? What Jurassic Park got wrong about this dinosaur

The dinosaur [from Jurrasic Park] is mostly imagination, but a new comprehensive analysis of Dilophosaurus fossils is helping to set ...

Podcast: Jurassic Park paleontologist Jack Horner on resurrecting extinct species with genetic engineering

Although dinosaurs are probably never coming back, the scenes from Jurassic Park are an extrapolation of actual research being performed ...
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Headlines tout Jurassic World in offing but scientists, journalists separate fact from fiction

A real-life "Jurassic World" with genetically engineered dinosaurs is an enthralling or frightening scenario — depending upon your perspective — ...
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