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“Fear Babe”: New book dissects the scare tactics of Vani Hari

From preservatives to pesticides, "Fear Babe" examines the claims of self-proclaimed Food Babe Vani Hari and the most notorious food ...
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Anti-GMO activists use FOIA to bully mother-scientist nutrition and lactation expert

USRTK has wielded FOIA requests as a weapon to bully scientists. Michelle McGuire, a globally respected nutrition expert, is the ...
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Science moms to celebrity moms: Let’s discuss GMOs, farming, safety and health together

The anti-GMO movement moved away long ago from grounded positions in science to promoting fear, and using celebrities as their ...
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Ayyadurai’s formaldehyde-in-GMOs claim challenged, engineer refuses verification offer

Engineer and system biologist V.A. Shiva Ayyadurai claim that there are dangerous levels of formaldehyde in GMO crops is about ...
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The anti-Rachel Parent: 10-year-old future scientist counters sea of GMO misinformation

Anti-GMO events are peppered with children holding signs touting the alleged dangers of genetically modified foods. For those who choose ...
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“Pink & Blue” documentary challenges female only myths about breast cancer and BRCA mutations

BRCA mutations have taken a toll on film producer Alan Blassberg and his loved ones, prompting what promises to be ...
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GMO battle: March Against Myths protests March Against Monsanto

Science Power Hour host Vern Blazek interviews Kavin Senapathy, co-founder of March Against Myths About Modification. Known as MAMyths, the ...
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