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Our brains on trial: How new imaging technology could alter the way courts view ‘neurolaw’ defenses when determining guilt

Eryn Brown | 
States of mind that the legal system cares about — memory, responsibility and mental maturity — have long been difficult ...
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‘Game changer’ for genetic privacy: Court forces GEDmatch to open its million-person genealogy database to police scrutiny

Cassie Martin | 
A Florida state judge has reportedly allowed police to search the entirety of the public genealogy website GEDmatch — home ...

Consumer genetic testing firms may not be able to block police access to data

Tina Saey | 
The GEDMatch decision to give police access to its data in the assault case — made without informing the database’s ...
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Weak links? How partial DNA matches can muddle criminal investigations

Meredith Knight | 
Using DNA collected from a crime scene, police can identify relatives of unidentified suspects through partial, or familial, matches. Legal ...
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