Why marijuana might not be such a great weapon to fight opioid addiction

The opioid crisis is an ongoing national tragedy. One commonly suggested response is cannabis. But emerging state and national statistics ...

Good news for young pot-muddled brains. Study shows impairment is reversible

Taking a monthlong break from pot helps clear away young people’s memory fog, a small study suggests. The results show ...

Debunking marijuana myths: Monsanto has not created ‘GMO super weed’

Despite what some chronic users may claim, the cannabis plant is not mystical. Like any living species, its cells house ...

Mysterious ‘Ebola-like’ outbreak linked to synthetic marijuana

Since March, hundreds of people in the U.S. have come down with horrific, Ebola-like symptoms of bleeding. The initially mysterious ...
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Viewpoint: Federal marijuana regulations defy ‘common sense’, hindering autism and epilepsy research

A few years ago, I began to see children in my practice who seemingly responded to marijuana-derived extracts. And as ...
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Cannabis farming is fueling development of less toxic biopesticides for ‘mainstream’ agriculture

As legal cannabis farms take the spotlight, safer methods of pest control are also taking root in more 'mainstream' agriculture. ... Regulators point out ...
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Approval of marijuana treatment for epilepsy could be boost for autism research

The United States has approved, for the first time, a compound derived from marijuana to treat certain types of epilepsy ...

Marijuana and epigenetics: Are we moving too quickly with legalization?

Some research suggests there could be health implications related to a surge in legalized marijuana use in the US. One ...
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Smoking and health: Genetic revolution transforming medical marijuana and tobacco

Our increased understanding of plant genetics has potential to help smokers quit and provide patients with the medicinal benefits of ...
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