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Viewpoint: Why minority groups should be over-represented in COVID-19 vaccine trials

Esther Choo, Jaimy Lee | 
BioNTech SE, Moderna Inc. and Pfizer Inc. have publicly said they’re pushing to enroll a more diverse group of participants in the pivotal ...
nhs coronavirus app how the contact tracing app works thumb

‘A new way of life’: UK launches COVID-19 contact tracing system with voluntary self-isolation

Bérengère Sim, Callum Keown | 
A test-and-trace system to find and isolate people who come into contact with coronavirus will be launched in the U.K ...

Can the coronavirus be transmitted sexually? Small study suggests it’s possible

Rupert Steiner | 
The coronavirus disease COVID-19 could be transmitted through sexual intercourse, a new study has concluded, prompting fears of a new ...
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What the rest of the world can learn from Iceland’s mass coronavirus testing project

Nicole Lyn Pesce | 
Big data can come from small places. Iceland’s isolated location and sparse population mean that some vital information about the ...
4-16-2019 extreme poverty creditde visu shutterstock

Being poor ‘leaves a mark’ on 10 percent of your genes

Rachel Beals | 
The cycle of poverty isn’t just an economist’s tag slapped on repeat generations of poor, it is actually changing genetics ...
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