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Viewpoint: How prosperity and technology are defeating ‘environmental pessimism’

In 1980, the year that PERC was founded, I spent three months in the Himalayas working on a wildlife conservation ...
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Why Brexit could jump start UK GMO, CRISPR research—once stifled by ‘dead hand’ of EU regulation

Britain is really good at biology. In physics and chemistry, or painting and music, we have often failed to match ...

Viewpoint: At least 200,000 people die every year GMO Golden Rice is kept off the market

This is not a story of incompetence and ignorance, but of an antediluvian hostility to science and technology ...

From pesticide scare stories to insect ‘extinction,’ reporters are addicted to ‘pseudoscience,’ says science writer Matt Ridley

Three times in [February 2019], pseudo-science flew around the world before the scientific truth had got its boots on (as ...
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